Caracterisques de nos vins


Our Chardonnay captures beautifully the lively fresh apple and tropical fruit characters typically so valued by Chardonnay lovers. The aromas are full and fruity, and lead to crisp yet juicy flavors followed by a rich creamy soft finish.

Food Affinities: White meat; shrimp; butter-based pastas; light dressed salads.

Sauvignon Blanc

auvignon Blanc has a strong personality. One finds a delightfully perfumed, even parley aroma. The flavors are light; midly crisp, with overtones of peach, flowers, herbs, and citrus fruit, and a soft, ripe finish. This makes for a great aperitif wine, well chilled.

Food Affinities: Salsa and chips; grilled or fried calamari; chicken sausage; salads.

White Zinfandel

Vibrant fresh aromas of strawberry, citrus, and raspberries are so inviting that you cannot drink just one glass of this zesty off-dry wine. It is a perfect wine for warm weather and with light meals, or as an aperitif.

Food Affinities: All kind of picnic dishes, such as ham and torque sandwiches; salads...


very popular wine because of its ripe plumy flavors and creamy texture, Glen Ellen has produced cherry-herb and coffee aromas, lots of up-front berry fruit, and a distinctive finish, firm but inviting.

Food Affinities: Prime rib of beef; pasta ala puttanesca; Chinese tea-smoked duck; marinated grilled pork tenderloin...

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our fullest bodied wine, Glen Ellen Cabernet Sauvignon reveals ripe blackberry tea and vanilla aromas. The flavors are full, ripe and meaty, with good currant flavors; a touch of oak-vanilla, and a full finish.

Food Affinities: Roast lamb with garlic; burger; grilled meat; lasagne verde; parmigiano reggiano cheese.


ur Zinfandel shows ripe, plumy black cherry and dark chocolate flavors balanced by lively fruit and a touch of oak-vanilla. It is smooth and full, with a strong finish, but oh so easy to drink!

Food Affinities: grilled chicken with a teriyaki sauce; fettuccine Bolognese enchiladas.

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