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From a glass of wine..
Le gout, la senteur, le savoir-vivre

While the Glen Ellen story is rooted in the vineyards, our relationship with our consumers is a significant factor that distinguishes us and makes us special among wineries. People view us as an approachable brand that delivers great value - a friendly down-to-earth name they fell comfortable with. They also know Glen Ellen denotes a genuine sense of place. The "real" wine country, unspoiled and true to its roots and heritage.

Our claim to fame originates from creating exceptional wines that are exceptional values. We have embraced this mission and never wavered from it. That's how we became a leader in the premium wine category. And even though we're not a small winery anymore, we still produce wines that provide great drinking pleasure.

Today, Glen Ellen wines are sourced from grapes grown in seven of the prime regions around the state of California. Our close collaborative partnership with more than 200 growers enables us to produce grapes that consistently deliver the Glen Ellen quality and true varietal flavor. We consider these growers Glen Ellen's partners in quality and crucial to our success. But our wines today are also made with the help of our customers. In fact, Glen Ellen wines may be the first wines ever made this way. In the last few years we have reached out to consumers, asked them what they wanted, and modified our wines to make them even better. We conducted extensive taste-testing throughout the U.S., putting our wines up against the competition, and made the kinds of improvements in both the product and packaging to move Glen Ellen forward in the year 2000. Now, Glen Ellen wines actually exceed customer expectations.

These are approachable, trustworthy, straightforward, drinkable wines that are even more delicious, with a distinctively friendly and unintimidating personality. So when consumers taste Glen Ellen wines, they can re-discover the brand that introduced them to California's great affordable varietal wines nearly two decades ago. In a world where the consumer has hundreds of choices, Glen Ellen will continue to differentiate itself by offering wines that are easy to choose, as comfortable as a favorite sweater, as soft and friendly as good dinner conversation.

"Glen Ellen 2000 brings an old friend back to the table."


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